Olivia Luca

The Olivia Luca on-line Design Studio gives you the chance to design your own semi-custom dress! The Design Studio allows you to choose the bodice style, skirt shape and details and most importantly you have a choice of fabric that fits your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Choose from Certified Organic cotton and linen, fair wage hand-woven silks with no dye and no bleach, SBP hemp/silk, vegan SBP Hempcel and Ahimsa silks, among many others including traditional silks and other natural fibers.  Each dress is individually made-to-order locally in Portland, Oregon in our studio.  We operate our business and studio from a strong and committed environmentally-friendly point of view.

Our styles are simple yet beautifully elegant and allow you to be creative in designing a dress that perfectly suits your personality.  You can even add your own embellishments to make it your own one-of-a-kind statement.

While a wedding dress is often thought of as a dress that gets worn one time, many of our styles and fabrics are such that you can have the dress altered to be worn again without looking like you are wearing your wedding dress!  We encourage you to cut it off after your wedding into a short, fun cocktail dress and add a splash of color with some detail for a great summer dress that can be worn again and again and not packed into a box that you look at once every few years.

Olivia Luca dresses are somewhat less expensive than Embellish Design dresses because the patterns are already made, so we cut sew and ship your dress after you have placed your order on-line.  We ship Olivia Luca dresses anywhere in the US and to many other countries.  If you happen to live in or near Portland, Oregon you are welcome to come by the studio and see sample dresses, fabric swatches and colors.  

We are a working studio not a "retail" shop so we ask that you make an appointment before coming by as we don't always keep regular "retail" hours.  It is best to make your appt. at least 3-5 days in advance. We try to keep our appointments Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 6:00, although occasionally we have some weekday evenings open. 

At the studio we have two basic knee length styles (and are always working on more) that all of our patterns are based off of in sizes 2-22 that are available for trying on to help determine the best size. As well, all of the Empire bodice styles in size 8 with two skirts types set up as mix and match.  In addition we have numerous other sample dresses in size 6 that were made for fashion shows and photo shoots—they work fine for trying on if you are in the size 2-10 range. 

Contact us via email or phone with some dates/times that work for you and we will see what fits our calendar.     503-753-2787