What's in your budget?

Here at Embellish I encourage brides to stick to their budget!  Weddings are expensive and a little bit extra here and there adds up fast.

When you come to Embellish for a custom dress, one of the questions I will ask is "What is your budget for your dress?"  That is important to know from a designers point of view, because it allows me to show you things that will fit within that budget and not those that don't. We can look at options that include the most important details to you and that fit within your budget.

Let's say you love lace, and are dreaming of a shoulder to shoe lace dress.  Well, lace can be expensive... so by knowing what your budget is I will be able to show you laces that fit within your budget and not the ones that don't.  That way you are not disappointed about the lace you fell in love with but can't afford and will love the lace you can have, because you don't know what you can't have.  Make sense?

The other way to look at it is, say you want that really expensive lace, but can't afford to have the whole dress made in it—that's where good design comes in. We can use that lace, but only a small piece of it such that it fits into your budget.  It then becomes the special highlight and focus of your dress, and can be even more special that way.

So whether your budget is "under $1000" or "$1200 is my max" or "$1500-2500", don't think that a custom, perfectly fitted, one-of-a-kind dress is totally out of the question.  Talk with me, you would be surprised at what we can accomplish with good design and careful budgeting.

If you've read this post and come in for a consult with your budget in mind, we'll add a free veil (you have to ask!), in a simple style, any length up to 72" made in bridal illusion net, gathered on a comb and ready to attach a sparkly bauble to.  (You can provide the bauble or I will do a little beading on the comb.)

A little lace...

Or a lot of lace...

Short, Fun and Full of Life

Short dresses can be the perfect option for a playful summer wedding.

These two dresses are made in Bamboo and Organic Cotton Sateen

Bamboo Fabric, Bateau Neckline, Deep V Back, Circle Skirt, Lace Trim and Covered Buttons

Organic Cotton Sateen, French Alençon Trim, Satin Ribbon, Sweetheart Neckline

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