The way to start the process of a custom dress is to meet with me at the studio.  This is just a chance to meet and talk about your ideas and inspriations for the dress of your dreams.

There is no charge and no pressure when you come for a consultation, in fact I encourage you to go home after we meet and think about all that we have talked about before deciding to have me create a dress for you.

During the consultation we will look at any photos you have collected from magazines or on-line images that express ideas and elements you like and are looking for in your dress.  Such as the way a fabric drapes, a color, a detail, a neckline or skirt shape.

I do not do exact copies other designer's work, but am happy to look at photos not only for inspiration and ideas, but to also help both of us explain in images what we mean in words, sometimes the vocabulary of design and textiles can be confusing and the terms can have different meanings to different people.  Photos are a great way of clearly defining those terms.

Once we come up with some ideas during your consultation, whether they are really specific or quite general I will give you a quote.  That quote can be very detailed or rather wide open based on a lot of choices I will present to you.

I have lots of fabric samples, color cards and actual dresses to look at and try on to help determine what suits your preferences and figure.

Then you get to go home and think on it!  And when you are ready to have me create your dress we move forward with a number of steps which are explained during the consultation so you will have a clear idea of what to expect should you decide to work with Embellish Design.

I am more than happy to answer questions before you set up a consultation appointment.  So please do call or email!